Here at Person-Holistic Innovations, we provide both mental health and consultation-based services that focus on assisting others within their personal growth process.

We’ve also provided information on the insurance panels that we are currently credentialed with for all therapy-based services.

Services We Provide:

Individual Therapy Services

  • What to Look Forward To:

When beginning therapy (or counseling), a person can experience multiple feelings with the first appointment: nervousness, concern, and a ton of questions.

Although each individual and their feelings may be different, during your first meeting, you and your therapist will take the time to explore these thoughts and feelings and begin the process of building a relationship together. With time, the more trust that you experience with your therapist, the more you will be able to explore who you are as a person, while finding ways to move in a direction that is comfortable for you.

At Person-Holistic Innovations, you can look forward to having a therapist who will emphatically listen to you and your needs and continually support you throughout your process of change.


Couples Therapy Services

  • What to Look Forward To:

Within our romantic partnerships, we will at times feel a lack of connection and understanding with our partner.  During these moments, exploring the dynamic of the relationship with a therapist can be beneficial in order to understand and improve upon the areas within the relationship that are lacking connection.

Whether it is communication difficulties, feeling a lack of support and understanding, or other areas of concern within the relationship, your couples therapist will assist in providing focus and awareness within the relationship concerns in order to improve the connection for the couple.

Family Therapy Services

  • What to Look Forward To:

For parents, raising a family can often be described as a second (or third) full time job.  With all family members, the different roles that we take on in any given day can often lead to feeling overwhelmed, uncared for, or misunderstood due to the changes in society and how it affects our family relationships.

Within family therapy, your therapist will provide support for redefining the connection of the family, assisting in fostering bonding communication, along with building awareness of the different roles that each family member takes on for the benefit family relationship.

Sports Performance Consultation

  • What to Look Forward To:

Within sports, we often understand the importance of physical exercise and practice for performance purposes; however, we forget about the “mental” side of the game and its importance within athletic improvement. During this time, an athlete can learn and focus on ways of improving one’s concentration, confidence, and many other skill sets that are important for performance enhancement.

Whether you want to take the next step within your athletic abilities or are currently experiencing a lack of confidence within your performances, you will be able to explore and implement ways of increase consistency and production within your sport.

Executive and Career Consultation Services

  • What to Look Forward To:

Within our professional pursuits, we can at times find ourselves going through the motions, settling for complacency, and having a loss of passion that we have found to be detrimental to our career.

Through the exploration of your professional strengths, an individual can understand their barriers to success, implement goals for short term and long term growth, while rediscovering their confidence in their professional pursuits.

Insurances We Accept:

  • Ambetter by Silversummit
  • Aetna (Out of Network)
  • Anthem BCBS Healthcare Solutions, Nevada Medicaid
  • Behavioral Healthcare Options
    • Electrical Workers Union
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Sierra Health and Life
    • Health Plan of Nevada, HMO
    • Health Plan of Nevada, POS
    • Health Plan of Nevada, Nevada Medicaid (TANF Expansion)
    • Health Plan of Nevada, Senior Dimensions
    • Nevada Public Employee Benefits (NVPEBP)
    • Teamsters Local 631
    • UMR
  • Humana
  • Mines & Associates
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • PPO
  • Multiplan
    • Beechstreet
    • GEHA
    • PHCS
  • Nevada Medicaid (Fee-For-Service)
  • Open Path Psychotherapy Collective
  • One Health
  • Prominence
  • Silversummit Health Plan (Medicaid)
  • All Out of Network Plans